We are strengthening Agribusiness Extension Service Delivery In Africa

Reforming extension services in Africa is fundamental to enhancing agricultural productivity and competitive value chains. However, the function of transferring practical information on latest agricultural innovations has been bedeviled by inadequate quality extension agents. Hence, farmers are cut-out of innovations in the sector. Without a sustainable business model, extension services will not reach the millions of farmers in Africa. The creates the need for an agri-business extension services model.

EXAF is on a mission to enhance Africa food systems by connecting farms and farmers to global supply chain. We are consistently enhancing the efficiency of agricultural production while guaranteeing sustainable return on investment and competitive commodity supply to our Agro-industries.

Our focus is on enhancing food systems by establishing globally competitive private extension agents for global value chains to connect with farmers in Africa. This collaborative strategy of involving and connecting with the different segments of the Agricultural Value chains, plus our peculiar service pattern of deploying a proven risk management and farm management techniques in agriculture., all at the service of our clients, has given us the edge in providing a very reliable and sustainable services which helps to enhance the competitiveness of agricultural value chain, ensure optimal utilization of farm potential, income generation, decent employment and wealth creation.



At Extension Africa, our uniqueness lies in our efficient database management system, monitoring and evaluation framework developed overtime to efficiently manage farm projects and track progress for our clients.


EXAF has over time, trained and recruited rural extension agents which has proven to be a reliable platform for value chain actors. Our people-model has provided our agents with a career path towards self-reliance. This provides a win-win model needed for sustainability.

Our Core Values


We incorporate change in agribusiness practices through creativity, research and adoption of new and innovative technologies to enhance agricultural productivity.

Future Oriented

While delivering our best in all we do and holding ourselves accountable for results, we are keenly attached to our future goal, a food-secure Africa.


We support sustainable and safe methods of food production that reduces environmental degradation, maintain soil productivity, and support the viability of firms


We are consistently honest, open, ethical and fair

Meet the Team


Tajudeen Yahaya


Tajudeen is an Agribusiness expert with about a decade experience in the agribusiness industry and the development sector. He is a Certified Project Manager with an MBA from Dangote Business School. He specializes in competitive value chain development.

COO/Lead, Research & Extension

Abdulsamad Isah


Abdulsamad is an agricultural economist dedicated to poverty alleviation, food security, rural and agricultural development. He is a MEL consultant and agricultural economist for ABT associate Inc., IAR and TechnoServe. He is a fellow at Nigeria Association of Evaluators and member of the Africa association of evaluators


Basira is a graduate of Adult Education & Community Development. She has an enthusiastic personality with vast experience as an on-air personality with different media stations. She speaks four different languages including Hindi.